The Masterpiece Smiles Difference

Healthy Smiles for Life

Why We Make a Difference

At Masterpiece Smiles, we create more than beautiful smiles; we create relationships that last.

Besides offering exceptional care and superior service, we also strive to offer the latest advances in the orthodontic industry. From the latest invisible retainers like Invisalign to impression-free 3D imaging, we are committed to providing you the best and most advanced options for your care.

Committed to Offering the Latest Technology

Here are a few of the technologies we offer:

Laser Treatment

Soft-tissue laser treatment is designed to offer comfortable and efficient treatment to patients who may have partially or fully impacted teeth that need to be uncovered.

A laser works by emitting concentrated energy in the form of a light beam that can vaporize matter. The narrow beam allows for precise control, stops bleeding and seals nerve endings. Discomfort and inflammation are greatly reduced when compared to traditional procedures. Topical numbing gels can help make the process comfortable and treated tissue can return to normal appearance within a couple days.

3D Imaging

By using advanced 3D imaging, Masterpiece Smiles is able to deliver precise diagnoses and treatment planning. Within seconds, a 3D image of our patient's mouth can be generated. This 3D model can be manipulated and analyzed in realtime. If needed, these 3D files can be transferred to our lab to help create perfectly fitted implants, veneers or crowns.

Impression free office, 3D Imaging utilizing the newest technology of introral scanners

Digital Radiography

Masterpiece Smiles used a digital X-ray system that has numerous benefits over traditional film X-rays including exposure to up to 90% less radiation.

The X-ray system used resembles conventional X-rays, but instead uses a digital sensor connected to a computer. When the X-ray is taken, the image is shown on the computer screen for the orthodontist to review. The images are created using less radiation and are higher quality images. They are environmentally friendly because they bypass the need to use chemicals of conventional X-rays and also get rid of the need to store film. Instead, everything is stored digitally and can be easily transferred to any dental specialist for immediate review.



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